Ways to Overcome the Broncopolypse

What a way to add insult to injury. We’re already feeling broken and bruised by the Super Bowl defeat and now it’s really, really cold outside!Fireplace2

If February’s chill has you down, we have some ideas for cheering you up and warming you up at the same time. Try these toasty tonics for body and soul…

Hot Toddy by a fire: We’ve shared some ideas in the past but there’s also Casey’s Bistro and Pub for their toasty fireplace area perfect for gathering around, Jake’s Food and Spirits with their delicious salsa that warms you from the inside and their awesome patio fire that warms you from the outside and Second Home Kitchen + Bar with hearty meals and a great fire pit too.

For a toasty escape from the city, one of our favorite places to warm up is Devil’s Thumb Ranch with their Heck’s Restaurant grand fireplace, beautiful views and rooms that make the old west feel all luxurious and cushy. We’ll let you figure out how to stay warm there…

Theater: There’s great theater in town. Laughing, crying and being wrapped up in drama are known to increase body heat.

Movies: Same goes for going to the movies. This week alone, The Monuments Men, The LEGO Movie, Vampire Academy and Gloria open.

Ooh baby, its coooold outside. These are just a few ideas off the top of our beanie-clad heads. We hope they help you warm you up. Share your ideas for places to get happy and get warm.


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