Tasty! Denver Restaurant Week Reveals New Twists By Edan Goode

Denver Restaurant Week is an exciting time for us at the In Good Taste Denver blog. Why? Because it’s a celebration of the local dining scene, and we’re all about that!

Wagyu Beef Albondigas

Wagyu Beef Albondigas at Zengo.

Denver Restaurant Week gives people the opportunity to try out a restaurant they’ve always wondered about; get a great deal at a place that might otherwise be out of their price range; or to return to a favorite, seeing what they’ve planned in multiple courses.

This year, there are a couple of new twists to Denver Restaurant Week to be aware of. First, the event will happen twice this year, in one week increments, to spread the restaurant love over the year: February 22-28 or August 23-29. However, some restaurants are continuing their deals past the end dates so check with any restaurants you were really keen on visiting. Second, instead of playing off of our mile high status, offering dinner for two for $52.80, meals are now $30 per person/$60 for two. That makes for much easier tipping math!

The Denver Restaurant Week website is spiffy and lets you look up restaurants by neighborhood, type of cuisine or just restaurant name.

If you haven’t already made your reservations for this week, fear not. Here are some tips to help you still take advantage of these great offers:
1. Call the day of to see if there are any openings
2. Call last minute too because people cancel or just don’t show (tsk, tsk)
3. Keep checking the website because new restaurants are still being added and will have room
4. Try some of the lesser known restaurants that might not get a flood of reservations but certainly deserve your business
5. Try mid-week. Not as many people want to go out for a nice dinner then as they do on the weekend.

After browsing the list and looking at the various menus (this kind of thing is pleasure-reading to us at In Good Taste Denver), we noticed that many of the restaurants we have visited are part of the deal. So to give you a sense of some of those restaurants, take a peek at our reviews of them. Then, be sure to check the Denver Restaurant Week site to see what, exactly, is being offered for their special menu. Eat up! And leave us a comment or interact with us on social media to let us know where you ended up going and what you thought of your meal.

Marinated Steak Tartine at Central Bistro and Bar.

Marinated Steak Tartine at Central Bistro and Bar.

Central Bistro & Bar

La Sandia

Mataam Fez (note, this review is from last year’s Restaurant Week)

Parallel 17

Second Home Kitchen + Bar

Street Kitchen Asian Bistro




Dolled-up Guacamole at Tamayo.

Dolled-up Guacamole at Tamayo.

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