About Us

Welcome to In Good Taste Denver.  We provide entertaining entertainment review blogs covering restaurants, theater, movies and travel. And sometimes we branch out into what’s In Good Taste coming from our kitchens.

Here’s what you’re in for with this blog:

  • Reviews of local restaurants written by Edan Goode, who, by the way, writes a family food blog for Colorado Parent magazine.
  • Reviews of travel destinations both near and far by T. Ravlin Lyte.
  • Reviews of local theater productions from Thea Tagower .
  • The latest on movies by Ms. Lotta Budduh and Phil Noir.
  • News from the art world by Art Lavah.
  • An occasional guest post on whatever moved our guest.
  • News bits on each of these. If we hear of something you might want to know about, we’ll let you know here as well as on our Facebook and Twitter sites.
A word about what it is to be a reviewer:
  • We are the first to admit that we are no experts on anything but we know what we like and don’t like.
  • We feel we are just typical enough to have our finger-on-the-pulse of what the general public might like or not.
  • The role of a reviewer is to be honest, from their point of view. We will not rake anyone over the coals in a condescending, cruel way nor will we kiss anyone’s behind just to make them happy. What you can count on from us is that we will tell it like it is.
  • Please know, because we certainly do, that our opinions are our own and should be taken into consideration (and nothing more) before you plunk down your hard-earned money on a meal, theater production, movie or travel spot.  Soon enough, if you are a loyal reader (and we hope you will be), you’ll know whether or not we agree on things or whether we couldn’t be more opposite, yet you find our blogs so charming, you just have to keep reading.  (We’re hoping for a little of both).
  • Also, regarding restaurant reviews, we’re on a budget and figure you probably are too. The fancy-schmancy places already get plenty of promotion so we seek out neighborhood places that are affordable, earnest and serve really good food without pretension.  Real restaurants serving real food to real people. Now, that’s In Good Taste, Denver!
So there you have it.  Reach out to us in a variety of ways:“Like” In Good Taste Denver on Facebook. “Follow” In Good Taste Denver on Twitter. Pin it on Pinterest.  InGoodTasteDenver on Instagram. Give us a tumble on Tumblr. You can also write to us at ingoodtastedenver@gmail.com. 
Thanks for reading!

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